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DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer

Lowest Price Guarantee - Call us at1-800-519-8800
$5999.95 - Base Model - Upgrade Options Available
Click "Add to Cart" for full list of options and upgrades

Re-Transfer Technology
Quality, Value & Performance
FULL One Year Warranty on all components included at no additional charge. 

Option for hot-swap warranty service and uplifts to warranty. (Artemis Solutions Group - ASG) immediately recognized and promoted the advantages of Retransfer printing and was one of the first companies in the USA to market via the Internet the affordable Retransfer card printing with the introduction of the IDX 380 in 2002.

Since then we have established ourselves at the number one specialist in this technology with a substantial installed based of satisfied customers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.  Now we are proud to introduce the latest version of this technology through our partnership with DNP. 

Our Service Bureau - prints thousands of cards a week using these printers with fantastic results and low cost.

Artemis Solutions Group (ASG) is an authorized "master dealer" for the full line of DNP Printers.  We are experts on this product and use it every day in our service bureau.  Before you invest over $5,000 in a printer, talk to us about the printers, options and accessories that will make your card printing more efficient, provide higher quality and save you money. 

"The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer represents the absolute best quality printing system value on the market today"

This is not a printer that you simply "click and buy" from a website, but a serious investment in quality printing.  We guarantee the lowest price on this quality product and ask if you are considering the best quality ID/PVC Card printer available on the market to call us toll free at1-800-519-8800 for a consultation with one of our ID/PVC Card printing experts.

If you are a local reseller or software manufacturer servicing clients in the ID Card, Gift, Loyalty or other plastic card printing and are looking to add re-transfer printing to your product line, we welcome you to join our reseller program for this product available exclusively through ASG.

The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer

ReTransfer printing is the leading technology in plastic card printing and is able to produce true full bleed images, in high quality color, matching that of pre-printed card quality. Traditional "dye sublimation" card printing requires that the print head of the card printer print directly onto the card material through the printer ribbon.

This process is efficient, inexpensive and allows the card printer to move the material directly under the print head for printing but has some limitations such as;

  • Cannot print true edge to edge leaving a thin border around a card.
  • Cannot produce accurate color matching due to uncontrolled print surfaces.
  • Cannot print into depressions often found on smart cards and RF Proximity cards.
  • Exposes the print head to the card risking print head damage on every print.

How The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer works:

The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printers use two ribbon consumables. These are the retransfer film and color ribbon. The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer ribbon is available in YMCK (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black Resin) and YMCKK format and is used to print all of the images on your card by mixing these colors in a Dye Sublimation process.

The DNP CX330 printer then transfers the image to the retransfer film where it is able to accurately reproduce color and prints an image that has an "over the edge" bleed to ensure 100% card coverage. It is this process that also ensures that the print head does not come in contact with the card extending its life.

The DNP CX330 printer then via a heated roller lays the retransfer film onto the card bonding the image to the card.

Using the Card Five DCL Drivers included with the Card Five Card Printing Software, it is possible to print both sides of the card using the YMC panel for full vibrant color on the front and Black on the rear of the card.

With an input hopper capable of storing 300 CR-80 Cards and ribbon/film capacity for 1000 prints, The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer provides the ability to print large volumes of cards virtually unattended. 

Other Advantages of The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer are:

  • Reduced cost of ownership - Due to the superior print process there is a vary low wastage factor in card production. This is particularly important when printing to expensive smart cards that often are imperfect cards which will cause problems in traditional direct to card printing. There is no need to factor in the cost of a replacement print head due to the unique printing process and lifetime print head warranty.
  • Field Upgradeable with In-Line Lamination Module and Mifare Card encoding.
  • Enhanced Print Quality - Cards produced on a re-transfer printer are vibrant with accurate color representation.
  • Advanced Card Protection - The DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Plastic Card Printer laminates the printing underneath a tough retransfer film that makes the card printing 6 times more durable than traditional dye sublimation printing methods.

DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer ID Card Printer Product Advantage

  • Perfect edge to edge printing with the highest speed: 125 cards per hour
  • Glossy photo finish quality
  • Ideal for contact/contactless cards and non-PVC cards
  • Printhead free from damage by card
  • High capacity YMCK ribbon containing 1,000 images and 300-card capacity hopper
  • Smarter printer driver which facilitates contact/contactless encoding
  • Intelligent ink ribbon management
  • RoHS compliant

Ideal Applications for DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer Card Printer

  • Drivers or other licenses
  • Access control cards
  • Identification Badges
  • Contact/contactless cards
  • Security cards
  • Any job requiring small quantity, high quality printing.


DNP CX330 Reverse Transfer ID Card Printer  Specifications

Printing Method Dye Sublimation Re-transfer Printing
Resolution 300dpi
Printable Area Full-Bleed - Near Photographic Quality
Ink Ribbon DNP Image Pak YMCBk/Intermediate Transfer Film
1,000 sides per set (Products of DNP)
DNP Image Pak consists of (1) 1000 YMCK print ribbon and (1) 1000 print retransfer film for the DNP CX330, Javelin CX210, EdiSecure XID430,440,450, EdiGuard IDX 380 or MagiCard Prima. 
Interface USB Interface
Print Speed 29 seconds/card
Operating Environment 15-30C, 35-70%RH
Hopper capacity 300 cards (0.76mm thickness)
Stocker Capacity 100 cards (0.76mm thickness)
Signal Level 256 levels per color (YMC) 2 levels (Bk)
Dimension 343mm(W) x 339mm(D) x 381mm(H)
Weight 22kg
Options Magnetic Stripe Encoding
IC Encoding
Contact-less IC Encoding
Applicable card (Material) PVC, PET, and other plastic materials
(Size) 54mm x 85.6mm - CR80 Size

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