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Mifare Reader and Development Kit

ACS-ACR-120 Reader

Development Kit with Reader

ACS ACR120 Mifare Reader

The ACR120 is a compact and cost-effective contactless reader and writer which supports Mifare® cards and ISO 14443 A. It is designed for fast integration into different systems. It can be easily integrated into existing data collection applications such as portable terminals, ticketing, vending machine or access control.

It has an optional built-in contact smart card slot which helps configuring in different ways to suit the customer's preference.

It includes an etched/-PCB antenna inside. The reading range is up to 5 cm depending on the contactless tag. A regulated supply voltage of 5 Volts is needed. The RS232 serial interface can be connected to COM1/COM2 connector of PC-station or laptop using a cable.

The ACR120 Contactless Smart Card Development Kit enables effective development of customized applications and systems using Mifare® cards, contactless readers, and PCs.

The development kit is an ideal training and development tool for those who would like to know more about contactless smart card technologies. Software development companies can use the kit to develop systems specific to their requirements to meet customers' demanding needs or to incorporate various contactless smart card technologies into their current applications.

The reader alone is $129.95 and the development kit is now priced at only US$199.

ACR120 Contactless Reader
  • Full Mifare® functionality
  • Read & write functionality
  • High-speed transactions
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Operation LED
  • Reader range up to 5 cm
ACR38DT DualKey
  • A key for both physical and logical access control
  • USB full speed interface to PC with simple command structure
  • Support 1.8V. 3V and 5V MCU cards
  • Support GSM 11.11 specification
  • Embedded antenna coil
  • Full functionality with SIM-sized Combi-card in contact and contactless interface
5 Mifare® contactless cards
  • Memory size for each card : 1K
CD-ROM Software drivers supporting Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP

Multi-Application demo program to showcase contactless reader/card features and capabilities

The demo program shows a single card used in different applications such as Parking Card; Train Ticket Card; For Vending Machine; For Weighing Machine; and For Loyalty Application. All you need is to register 1 card once and your card will be set to explore other emulated ACR120 applications and accumulate points which you can later use in the souvenir machines.

Evaluation software – ACR120 Testing Tool

Though this tool, you can analyze reader settings, change communication speed and protocol configuration as well as manipulate the card.

Bonus Software – SIMmate, a smart kit to your phonebook entries and SMS messages

Using the ACR38DT DualKey with GSM SIM card inserted, you can perform GSM management easily.

Sample code written in various programming languages

  • Used to demonstrate basic commands used to communicate with the card and reader
  • Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, Delphi



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